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Sentence Counter Online

Sentence Counter is a unique online tool that is programmed to count the number of sentences in a text. This tool helps you to calculate the total number of sentences in your data. Sentence Counter can be used in several apps like educational software text analysis and proofreading. There are also several ways to implement the sentence counter tool but it literally depends on the use of punctuation marks that have been used to set boundaries between sentences.

What is a Sentence?

As much as this seems like a straightforward question it is not as simple as it seems. There are certain rules to consider when referring to a string of words as a sentence. Simply put a sentence is a string of words with a subject and a predicate which may also comprise objects. The most important part of a sentence is the subject and predicate. However a sentence must be grammatical and should represent a whole thought.

The Features of Sentence Counter Online

The Sentence Counter Online works to save time and help count the number of sentences in a text. This tool gives room for text data URL loading which automatically loads sentences and presents the results. Sentences can also be counted with the provision of web URLs and email characters from files by simply uploading the files. Sentence Counter is compatible with MAC Windows Linux Firefox Chrome Edge and Safari among others.